Business Succession Planning

Being a business owner isn't a choice, it's your passion

The business owners we serve thrive on their ability to create their own vision and make it a reality. The financial challenges they face are unique, and can’t be resolved in a month or even a year, it takes time, strategy and implementation to solidify and support the necessary actions, integrated plan and cutting edge solutions they need to achieve the financial independence they have earned.

Our firm specializes in providing a comprehensive spectrum of services to meet the needs of today’s multi-dimensional business owner. We are especially adept at assisting individuals who also have a passion for the outdoors, wild sheep and conservation. Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Business continuity strategies
- Risk management analysis
- Key employee retention options
- Business succession planning
- Sponsored and key person retirement plans

Business Owners are entrenched in driving their vision for the business, so often they overlook the peripheral impact of not seeking the advice necessary to succeed and monetize their life’s work when the day finally comes for them to sell, find a successor or unexpectedly leave the business. A sound financial plan that aligns with your vision can be the difference between a business that survives and thrives indefinitely, and one that closes its doors at the first sign of economic uncertainty.

One thing we know for certain is that business, as life is unscripted and it doesn’t come with a warranty. Kyle Meintzer is an entrepreneur at heart. He has spent his career developing financial strategies and tactics for those who are passionate about business, wild sheep, conservation and the outdoors. He is an advocate, advisor and voice of reason when your duties as business owner overshadow your ability to focus on the future. If the day has come for you to address the inevitable and “drive it to completion” Kyle would welcome your call. You can reach Kyle directly at 775.657.8529. You can also request a consultation by e-mail at Kyle also sponsors small group sessions that delve into the five biggest financial pitfalls business owners face. If you would like to attend one of his upcoming, invitation only sessions call today to reserve your spot.