Nevada Bighorns Unlimited

We provide comprehensive planning, independent advice & outcome-oriented solutions to Nevada Bighorns Unlimited members.

Kyle Meintzer proudly supports and provides financial advisory services to the members of Nevada Bighorns Unlimited. He values Nevada Bighorn Unlimited's mission to protect and improve Nevada’s wildlife and natural resources for sportsmen and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

The conservation of North America's Bighorn Sheep has been such a significant part of Kyle Meintzer's personal passion for so long that it's become an integral part of his life and of who he is. His love of the outdoors and commitment to the needs of wild mountain sheep is part of what drew him to establish his professional offices in Reno, Nevada, and what draws him into the mountains every chance he gets. It was as a result of these efforts that he was recently appointed to the Sportsmen for Romney National Advisory Board.

Kyle understands your needs as a sportsman and Nevada Bighorns Unlimited member because he is one himself. Your financial needs are complex, and your drive to seamlessly integrate your personal commitment to the outdoors and your family, while still leveraging your years of hard work and professional success are critical. Kyle delivers the full spectrum of charitable, investment, retirement income and business succession planning services, all customized to the specific needs of the Nevada Bighorn Unlimited members he serves.

As a Nevada Bighorns Unlimited member you receive a 10% discount on Kyle’s financial planning fee. If Kyle's services and solutions could be of benefit, you can receive a complimentary consultation to learn more by contacting Kyle directly at by calling 775.657.8529. You can also request this evaluation by e-mail at Please mention that you are a member of Nevada Bighorns Unlimited.