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With the principle of conservation integrated directly into the fabric of what makes Kyle Meintzer's practice unique and different from others in the financial planning industry, his firm contributes an extraordinary amount of time, money and applied expertise to improve the efforts, increase the endowments and conserve the natural wonders that make this country special.

Here are some highlights of those ongoing efforts and contributions:

Regular Presenter to the California Fish & Game Commission

Kyle is regularly called upon to present his ideas regarding wildlife conservation in front of the California Fish & Game Commission. To date all the concepts and ideas he has presented have been adopted and implemented on a proactive basis. He is proud of this accomplishment, and appreciates the opportunity to share his vision of conservation and heritage with the state at large through his efforts.

Ongoing Support for Nevada Bighorns Unlimited

Proud Golden Ram Life Member of Nevada Bighorns Unlimited. Kyle is a Gold Sponsor, at the $10,000 level of the NBU Banquet and Fundraiser which takes place in the first week of April each year. He has participated at this level of sponsorship for two consecutive years, and 2013 marks his third year of sponsorship of the annual event. To learn more about the 33nd Annual Banquet visit Click Here

Addressed Nevada Wildlife Commission

At their request, addressed the Nevada Wildlife Commission regarding two important issues relating to Nevada’s Bighorn Sheep populations and supporting programs.

Ongoing Service to the California Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation

Served as a Director of the California Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation Click Here,
Helped the chapter secure $25,000 of funding through the Wild Sheep Foundation Board to install Big Game Guzzlers that continue to help wild sheep populations be sustained and grow in the wild. Kyle has a track record of successfully guiding the chapter through difficult challenges, he built a ‘One tent, One campfire’ relationship with its’ chapters and affiliates, all while having implemented significant positive and professional changes to the management and oversight of the chapter's invested funds.



Founded the California Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation Click Here and personally underwrote most of the chapter's administrative expenses for several years. Served as President from 2001 - 2005 and since then as Vice-President for Operations. I have worked extensively with the California Dept. of Fish and Game throughout these years in support of California's desert bighorn sheep populations, as well as with the California Fish and Game Commission. During this period, the chapter has raised nearly $1,500,000 for wild mountain bighorn sheep in North America. At the same time, the number of desert bighorn sheep permits available to sportsmen in California has more than doubled.