The Wild Sheep Foundation

We provide comprehensive planning, independent advice and outcome-oriented solutions.

Wild Sheep, their conservation and the protection of their habitat is more than an interest for Kyle Meintzer- it's one of his passions. Kyle was appointed to the FNAWS (now WSF) Board of Trustees, and since 2007 has served on the Board of Directors of the Wild Sheep Foundation. Click Here.

In addition to his personal involvement with the organization, Kyle also proudly serves in a professional capacity as the Financial Advisor of choice to many successful Wild Sheep Foundation members throughout the state of California, Nevada, and beyond. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ Practitioner his years of experience in the financial industry coupled with his in-depth understanding of the conservation pursuit provide his clients a succinct and grounded perspective. His design and analysis skills allow those who have completed some planning in the past to determine if their current plans will hold up in the changing economic and legislative environment. In turn, his cutting edge techniques and access to national resources allow him to address every financial challenge on his clients' behalf, no matter how complex it may be.

As a Wild Sheep Foundation member you are entitled to a 10% discount on Kyle's financial planning fee, if you choose to engage his services. To schedule your complimentary consultation please contact our offices by telephone at 775.657.8529 or send Kyle and e-mail at